Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Light Night First Planning Meeting

It's five months to the day since Light Night 2008 & one day short of seven months until LN09. Today we started the ball rolling on the next event with our initial planning meeting for the year, this time in the main auditorium of the Carriageworks. It was a funny day, of really mixed feelings. I hate standing in front of people & doing presentations, but at the same time it was really exciting to think that it is all starting again. On the way into work I got stopped by, or stopped, three people who hadn't RSVPed to the event & chatted to them about it, & that is part of what working on Light Night is about... you are just talking to so many people all the time that you can't get from one end of a street to another without bumping into one or two of them.

The presentation seemed to go really well. It felt good having Andrew & Helen there supporting, & particularly Jennyanne. Whenever she is about, she just has a totally no - nonsense approach to any problem, big or small, which I don't have... but when she is about it transfers to me & I always feel a lot calmer about things, like nothing is REALLY a problem.

Still, lots of adrenalin, & adrenalin messes you up! Didn't want to go back to the office so went to the Vic for 'meeting' with JAS, Helen & Gavin from the Met, then off to Black Dogs at five, then to the Fenton. I had something to eat & was suddenly so tired that I was almost slurring my words. Came home, fell asleep at nine & now am awake at 1.15 feeling totally wired, hungry but can't be bothered to cook. So, this too, reminds me of some of the hard times & the worst times of working on Light Night - the misdirected energy, so much will to concentrate that your brain can't find anything to concentrate on...

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  1. Complete craziness that it's a whole year since that last meeting, and here we are planning the next one. I'm a year wiser about how to market the beautiful beast that is Light Night so I'll be giving you much more grief this time in my quest to get it right, but I'll also be making you lots of cups of tea so I know you won't mind really ;)